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Media mystery game

Teacher instruction

  • Prepare the material students will need to write down information they gather during “mingling”.
    • Click on Material to Print.
  • The teacher or MC reads the scenario, on the card or projects it.
    • Click on The story.
  • Teacher distributes character cards based on the chosen scenario.
  • Students mingle and introduce themselves (their character). They can …
    • ask and answer questions about their character
    • embellish on information but not lie
    • show the picture but not the text of their character
  • After students have gathered information the teacher or MC gives access to Evidence QR Code (students use their phones or tablets).
    • evidence can be printed out and placed around the classroom.
  • Students ask suspects additional questions.
  • Teacher calls time:
    • students vote on the most likely guilty character
  • Class discussion on the scenario:
    • was anyone else who could have been guilty
    • do they know any similar situations

Click on scenario buttons to access material

(Skupno 978 obiskov, današnjih obiskov 1)